RTS Professors Contribute to Award-Winning Works

On April 30, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) announced its Christian Book awards in twelve categories. Two RTS professors, Dr. John Currid and Dr. Guy Waters, contributed to two of the gold medallion award winners.

ESV Archaeology Study Bible

Dr. Currid, Chancellor’s Professor of Old Testament at RTS, served as one of the senior editors, along with David Chapman (Covenant Theological Seminary) for the ESV Archaeology Study Bible (Crossway). This study Bible was recognized as the best of the year in the Bibles category. According to Dr. Richard Belcher, “This award is the fruition of Dr. Currid’s expertise in archaeology and his commitment to the truthfulness of Scripture.”

The ESV Archaeology Study Bible seeks to place biblical texts in their historical and cultural context. This enables readers to better understand the people, places, and events recorded in Scripture.

“A highly-trained team of archaeologists spent over six years producing the ESV Archaeology Study Bible,” Dr. Currid commented. “As a senior editor and contributor of this study Bible, I am pleased for our team that the Bible has been recognized by the ECPA Book Awards for gold status as the Bible of the Year.  It is our hope that the Lord uses this work to help train and encourage his people.”

Theistic Evolution

Both Dr. Currid and Dr. Waters contributed to the winner in the Bible Reference Works category: Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique, eds. J. P. Moreland et al (Crossway). Theistic Evolution addresses the tensions that arise from synthesizing various views of evolution with a theistic understanding of creation. Dr. Currid and Dr. Waters wrote chapters regarding the incompatibility of theistic evolution with the Old and New Testaments, respectively.

Dr. Waters remarked: “A large multi-disciplinary team joined together to address one of the most pressing issues in the church today, theistic evolution. My hope is that this volume will help Christians to see the importance of this issue and to respond to it biblically and thoughtfully.”

Evangelical Christian Publishers Association

The ECPA, founded in 1974, supports its members in the publication and distribution of Christian content internationally. Through their organization, they provide information, opportunities, and networking for their members, to further the reach of Christian publications.

The Christian Book Awards are presented annually in twelve categories, highlighting the highest quality in Bibles and Christian books. For a full list of the 2019 award winners, click here.