RTS Announces Deadline for Hughes Scholarship Applications

Reformed Theological Seminary invites all incoming, residential Master of Divinity students to apply for the Hughes Scholarship by March 15, 2022. The scholarship covers 100% of tuition plus a $3,000 book stipend.

“The Hughes Scholarship ensures that the most promising candidates for gospel ministry are not held back from serving the church because of financial constraints,” observed David Veldkamp, Chief Enrollment Management Officer. “The program has assisted dozens of students — students who have been able to focus wholeheartedly on preparing for their calling, and who, Lord willing, will faithfully proclaim the excellencies of the Savior for decades to come.”

Named for Robbie and Dudley Hughes, the scholarship is part of the Hughes Initiative for Pastoral Excellence. The goal of the scholarship is to gather and prepare the most promising of those called to pastoral ministry. This scholarship will also enable the next generation to be equipped for gospel ministry in the church.

Dr. Ligon Duncan, Chancellor and CEO, added, “In today’s world, pastors need more preparation for ministry, not less. And they need it of the highest quality. The Hughes Scholarship has enabled those who couldn’t otherwise afford it to join us for rigorous, face-to-face, theology-in-community, residential preparation for ministry. To be able to fully scholarship tomorrow’s leaders for the entire MDiv program is a massive gift, not just to those students, but to the church.”

Applying for the Hughes Scholarship

To apply, students must first be admitted to the Master of Divinity program. The Hughes Scholarship application is part of the regular Financial Aid Application. Applicants will submit resume highlights, an essay on their calling to pulpit ministry, and a pastoral recommendation. In the final step of the application process, a selection committee will interview all finalists. All materials are due by March 15.

Hughes Scholars will be selected from the pool of applicants based on Christian character, a pastoral recommendation, a clear calling to pulpit ministry, academic achievement, ministry experience, and future promise for gospel ministry. The scholarship is for American students.

Robbie and Dudley Hughes

Throughout their marriage, Robbie and Dudley desired to be good stewards before God of their lives and resources. Both of them have been committed to giving back from the God-given abundance granted through their success in business. As a result, many lives have been impacted for eternal good through the gracious support of the Hughes.

The Hughes’ commitment to serve Christ and make an impact for eternity led Robbie to create and endow the Hughes Initiative for Pastoral Excellence at Reformed Theological Seminary. RTS is honored to provide the training made possible by their generosity.

To learn more about the Hughes Scholarship, visit rts.edu/hughes. If you have questions about the Hughes Scholarship or your application, please contact either your local admissions office or financialaid@rts.edu.

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