Keith Evans Defends Dissertation

Dr. Keith Evans
Dr. Keith Evans

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Reformed Theological Seminary is pleased to announce that Keith Evans has successfully defended his doctoral thesis and earned his Ph.D. in biblical counseling from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS), to be conferred later this spring. Dr. Evans joined the faculty of RTS Charlotte as Assistant Professor of Christian Counseling in January.

For his dissertation, Dr. Evans considered how contemporary conceptualizations of problems in human experience lack historical and biblical awareness of demonic influences. Consulting Puritan sources, he argued that counseling ought to take direct and mediated demonic influence into account in the lives of counselees.

“As our newest professor at RTS Charlotte, Dr. Evans has already made a wonderful impact on our seminary community by combining academic rigor with a servant’s heart and a humble spirit,” said Dr. Michael Kruger, RTS Charlotte President. “We congratulate Keith on this academic milestone and look forward to seeing how God will use him in the years to come to bless our students.”

Prior to joining RTS, Dr. Evans was professor of biblical counseling, director of the Biblical Counseling Institute, and academic dean at the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary (RPTS). He also completed a ThM in Christian ethics at SBTS and holds an MDiv from RPTS and a B.A. from Grove City College. He is an ordained minister in the RPCNA denomination.

Dr. Evans hopes that his research will help students cultivate a better understanding of  counseling in the church. While he works most directly with Master of Arts in Christian Counseling students, his expertise will benefit students in the various degree programs offered at RTS Charlotte. He said, “It is my hope that the field of biblical counseling can regain a Reformed but supernatural awareness to a major influence on our world and our lives, and yet, in a way that is firmly grounded in God’s Word.”

“We’re very proud of Keith,” said Dr. Bob Cara, RTS Provost. “Completing one’s Ph.D. is an important milestone. Now that the dissertation is complete, I look forward to some other publications from him, in addition to his continuing to be a great classroom teacher.”