RTS Global Produces Three New Online Courses

RTS Global is pleased to announce the upcoming release of three new courses this summer. Hermeneutics, Hebrew Exegesis, and a new course, Christ, Culture, & Contextualization, will be ready for registration on June 1.

David John, Executive Director of RTS Global, commented on the process of creating the new courses. “We have spent dozens of hours this summer in the studio to create a new experience for our online students. These courses will feature a variety of enhanced multimedia components.  Each course has been designed to take the student through rich theological concepts in a style that is intuitive and manageable.”

Hermeneutics is an updated version of Advanced Biblical Exegesis. The course introduces both foundational principles for interpretation and methods of interpretation throughout history. Dr. Robert J. Cara, Provost of RTS and Professor of New Testament, and Dr. Richard Belcher, Academic Dean and Professor of Old Testament, both serve as lecturing professors, and Dr. Belcher also serves as the professor of record.

The new version of Hebrew Exegesis serves as the sequel to Hebrew 1 & 2 from any RTS campus. It has been completely redesigned to take students from the new RTS Global Hebrew 1 & 2 into the world of exegesis. Taught by Dr. Mark D. Futato, Robert L. Maclellan Professor of Old Testament, Hebrew Exegesis will increase your knowledge of Hebrew vocabulary and grammar. You will learn a step-by-step method for exegeting the Hebrew text, through interactive slides and instructional videos.

Christ, Culture, & Contextualization provides a biblical theology of culture and principles for contextualizing the Christian faith in today’s world. Dr. James N. Anderson, Professor of Philosophy and Theology, will serve as the lecturing professor and professor of record. This course will help students to sharpen their understanding of current cultural issues and to develop and apply a biblical perspective of cultural analysis and appropriation. This course will impact each student’s individual walk with the Lord and their ministry.

These new courses will serve you well in engaging the culture with the Word of God and ministering in any context. All three courses will be available on June 1 and include some exciting new features. To register, please contact Alice Hathaway, 704-688-4235. If you have questions about these courses, please contact Brittain Brewer.