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Youth Minister

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Our vision to see a gospel movement on the North Shore involves saturating the North Shore with transformed disciples who make disciples. We feel that this can only be done through long-term commitment to the youth, families, and community of the North Shore

We believe that youth and their families are crucial to the present and future life of our church, and are at the cutting edge of our vision. Therefore, we want to invest deeply in the discipleship of youth & their families in our church, shepherding them to grasp and be transformed by the life-changing power of the gospel, so that they would not only grow into spiritually mature adults, but also live on mission in their everyday lives, bringing the gospel to those far from Christ on the North Shore and beyond.

Position Qualifications:

The following is a description of the kind of candidate we seek.  This candidate will not be perfect, but will be able to point clearly to a perfect Savior.

Personal Discipleship

  1. Demonstrates a deep, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, marked by personal gospel renewal, and evidenced in daily life that exhibits the character qualities outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:1-4.
  2. Seeks, practices, and promotes prayer as a priority, both personally and in the life of the youth and families.
  3. Actively applies the gospel to the issues of their everyday life; has a growing understanding of their own core idols and areas for growth.
  4. Exhibits biblically-based integrity and unquestionable honesty; earnestly seeking God’s will above all other possible motivations.
  5. Exhibits emotional health and maturity; has an accurate self-assessment, and a healthy vulnerability that makes them a gracious and approachable person.
  6. Reflects a balanced personal life, which provides for spiritual, physical, and emotional growth for self and family.
  7. Promotes a spirit of cooperation, accountability, and fellowship within the church body.
  8. Demonstrates a passionate, heartfelt love for youth and their families and a Christ-like concern for their spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  9. Exhibits Christ’s love by forming deep, meaningful, and honest friendships both inside and outside of the church.
  10. Exhibits both an awareness of and intentionality in using their everyday settings as places where they can represent Christ with their lifestyle and their words.
  11. Exhibits intentionality in personally imparting their faith to others; has a passion for making disciples who make disciples.


  1. Possess a calling and passion to disciple youth and families in the church.
  2. Gifted in leadership, communicating vision, administration, relational ministry, and developing & equipping a leadership team.
  3. Able to interpret, teach, and apply scripture in a way that connects the gospel to everyday life issues.
  4. Engages with and understands youth culture and diverse parent-youth dynamics.
  5. Highly relational in working with youth and partnering with parents. Communicates effectively with all ages inside and outside the church.
  6. Team builder and a team player with a demonstrated ability to recruit, equip, inspire, and partner with a team of volunteer leaders.
  7. Experienced with ministry in a post-Christian, missional context.
  8. Demonstrates a willingness and ability to partner with other churches and parachurch ministries for the advancement of the Gospel among youth and families.
  9. Confronts ministry challenges and conflicts with biblical wisdom, with an aim towards restoration.


  1. 5+ years Youth Ministry experience, including leadership, teaching, discipleship, and pastoral care.
  2. Experienced with shaping an intergenerational, discipleship-based Youth Ministry, particularly in a post-Christian context.
  3. Experience relating to teens and their families from a wide variety of family and spiritual backgrounds.


Bachelor’s degree, and biblical training required.  Seminary degree preferred.

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Full Time

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North Shore Community Baptist Church

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(978) 927-2014




Baptist - Other

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Beverly, MA

Description of Organization


Our long-term desire is to see an extraordinary work of God’s Spirit in every community on the North Shore, that results in thousands of people meeting Christ, growing as disciples, and serving in Gospel-centered churches. MORE


We are ordinary people united by an extraordinary hope, transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and called to live on mission together. MORE


We love the North Shore and invest our lives in it, but we’re not defined by the cultural values around us. We seek to take part in a Gospel Movement and need to align our church culture with the missionary call of God. MORE

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