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Christian Counselor

Job Description:

We are currently looking for either a Student Intern, Registered Intern, or Licensed Professional to provide high quality individual and family Christian counseling services to the children at Edgewood Children’s Ranch. We require that the individual have the ability to integrate Christian theology and counseling  models. Edgewood can provide a meeting space free of charge, and will negotiate the counselors fees with the families in our care. We are looking for an individual who is willing to come to Edgewood 1-2 days a week, and who preferably has a background in children and/or trauma. 

Position Qualifications:

Qualifications include but are not limited to:

  • Masters Degree in the field of Counseling
  • Ability to provide documentation as a Student Intern, Registered Intern, or Licensed Professional

As a Student Intern, Registered Intern, or Licensed Professional you are a reflection of both Edgewood Children’s Ranch and Florida state health professionals.

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General Information

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Edgewood Children's Ranch

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(706) 201-7333





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Orlando, FL

Description of Organization

Edgewood Children's Ranch is a 501(c)(3) residential Christian childcare facility  that offers vulnerable children and their families a fresh start through a Christ-centered approach to family, education, and personal and spiritual growth. Here at Edgewood we seek to equip and empower the children and families in our residential program to thrive through love, structure, support, and advocacy. 

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