As a senior in college, I was teaching and studying the Bible with students on a regular basis within my church home and campus ministry. During this time I realized two things: The first is that the Bible is the only source of wisdom that speaks into every situation with hope and healing. The second is that I needed to know my Bible to be able to effectively speak into the lives of women. This grew an increasing desire to attend seminary after graduation.

I wanted to learn about the Bible from a Reformed perspective, and RTS offered a Christian Counseling Program that would provide a “rich combination of theological and practical training which prepares students to effectively apply God’s Word to their own lives and also to the lives of others.” I was equipped with a theology of counseling under the teaching and experience of professors like Dr. Jim Newheiser and Dr. Rod Mays that has not only prepared me to serve my local church through counseling but also to shepherd the hearts of elementary-aged students in my current role as a spiritual advocate at a private Christian school. RTS helped to plant the seed of a lifelong pursuit of knowing and growing in God’s Word and has also gifted me with the tools and resources to speak it into the lives of others.

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