Updated June 2021


Thank you for the many ways you have contributed to keeping our campus safe and operational during the pandemic.

In light of updated recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control, especially that fully vaccinated persons need not wear masks indoors in most daily settings, RTS Washington has decided to rescind our face covering mandate.  As of June 1, those that are vaccinated (i.e. two weeks after receiving their second dose) will no longer need to wear a mask indoors.

There are a few points of clarification that come along with this decision:

  • All members of the RTS community should continue to pay close attention to their personal health and immediately inform appropriate campus personnel in the event of a COVID-19 exposure or diagnosis.
  • Fully vaccinated persons showing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 and persons who are unvaccinated may still be asked to quarantine in the event of exposure, according to ongoing CDC recommendations.
  • Certain professors may still prefer students to wear masks during class, despite their vaccination status. We ask that you graciously comply with their request.

We will continue to have disposable masks on hand for those who want to keep using them at this time.

We will also maintain reasonable distancing in group/class settings and our heightened hygiene efforts.

All students, faculty, and staff play a key role in keeping our campuses safe. Though we are taking every possible precaution, those who come to campus do so at their own risk. If we all abide by these guidelines, then we can minimize the risk as much as possible.