Health Insurance Options for RTS Students

Reformed Theological Seminary requires all students who are taking 12 or more hours in a given semester to have major medical insurance. Proof of medical insurance must be provided each semester in which a student will take 12 or more hours in order to complete their registration.  International students receiving financial aid are required to have major medical insurance coverage for all dependents listed on form I-20.  As of June 1, 2013, RTS is no longer able to offer an RTS student plan, and so students must find other options for insurance.

President Obama’s Health Care Reform bill has dramatically changed healthcare and insurance.  To read more about the Healthcare Exchange which began January 2014, visit Healthcare Exchange.

In order to help students in their search for a viable insurance option, we have provided several links below.  However, we encourage you to explore all your options and choose wisely.  While we accept all of these options, it does not mean that RTS endorses any of them.

Medical bill cost-sharing plans:
Samaritan Ministries

In seminary, many of our students are at income levels that qualify them for Medicaid.  If you qualify, this is probably the best coverage you can get.

Insurance Plans:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi
United Healthcare. A medical history statement and underwriting approval is involved when applying.
You can also shop for insurance plans at eHealth Insurance.