Overview of Global Education

Commitments to family, church, and work make it difficult for many people to attend seminary on a residential campus. RTS Global offers you access to the same high quality, evangelical, biblically based training for which Reformed Theological Seminary is known around the world. Through our online classroom, students can now pursue seminary training according to their schedules.


What is State Authorization?

​​State Authorization allows Reformed Theological Seminary to legally offer educational activities outside of Mississippi, most notably its online distance education programs, Global Education (RTSG). State authorization requirements for out-of-state educational activities vary by state and program, thus it is important for RTSG to ensure it is meeting each state’s requirements for out-of-state institutions who want to offer educational programs within the state. At RTSG, we are committed to quality assurance in higher education by adhering to the standards of our accrediting agencies, the federal government, and the states by maintaining proper program approvals as required.