Welcome to RTS Charlotte!

If God is calling you into a lifetime of ministry, you need a place where Christ is worshipped and glorified, His Word is taught with faithfulness and depth, and hearts are stirred and renewed by the power of the gospel. You will find that here at RTS Charlotte. For over twenty-five years, we have trained men and women to serve Christ and His church in Charlotte, in the United States, and throughout the world.

Making a decision about seminary education is not an easy task. But in making that decision, I encourage you to consider the following:

  • What You Are Taught: At the center of a seminary education is the Word of God. RTS Charlotte is committed to the absolute authority of Scripture in all areas of life, and the core truths of Reformed Theology. To learn more, see here.
  • How You Are Taught: RTS Charlotte is committed to teaching these truths in a manner that develops both the mind and heart. We believe that academic excellence and hands-on training should go together. Our MDiv emphasis in Campus Ministry and MA in Christian Counseling are examples of how practical training and rigorous theology can be combined.
  • Where You Are Taught: RTS Charlotte exists on a beautiful 20-acre campus in one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the Southeast. Charlotte is also a city with unparalleled ministry and internship opportunities, with over 3000 churches in the metro area.
  • Who Teaches You: At the heart of any seminary experience is the faculty. The Charlotte campus has eleven full-time faculty members committed to teaching both the heart and the mind. These are not just scholars, but also pastors. They not only teach, but they shepherd.

We believe God is doing something special here at RTS Charlotte. We pray that God might lead you to become a part of it. To learn more about our admissions process, or to arrange a campus visit, please see here.

I hope to see you in the future on the RTS Charlotte campus.

In Christ,

Michael J. Kruger

President and Samuel C. Patterson Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity