Spring 2020

04HT5200 – History of Christianity II
04NT5125 – Greek II
04NT5300 – Pauline Epistles
04NT5350 – Hebrews to Revelation
04ON5100 – Hermeneutics
04OT5125 – Hebrew II
04OT5250 – Joshua to Esther
04PT5150 – Communication II
04PT5175 – Preaching Lab II
04PT5200 – Evangelism
04PT5250 – Pastoral Ministry
04PT5350 – Pastoral Counseling
04PT5400 – Classics of Personal Devotion
04PT6228 – Minority Ministry in a Majority World
04ST5250 – ST: Ecclesiology and Sacraments
04ST5400 – Christian Thought and Philosophy

Winter 2020

04OT5300 – Poets
04PT5300 – Worship
04PT5325 – Church Polity
04PT6395 – Theology and Mission of Prayer
04ST5200 – Christology, Soteriology, and Eschatology


Fall 2019

04HT5100 – History of Christianity I
04NT5100 – Greek I
04NT5150 – Greek Exegesis
04NT5200 – Gospels
04NT5250 – Acts and Romans
04OT5100 – Hebrew I
04OT5150 – Hebrew Exegesis
04OT5200 – Genesis to Deuteronomy
04PT5100 – Communication I
04PT5125 – Preaching Lab I
04PT5275 – Leadership and Discipleship
04PT5375 – Personal Sanctification
04PT6115 – Theological Research and Writing
04ST5100 – Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies
04ST5150 – Scripture, Theology Proper, Anthropology
04ST5500 – Pastoral and Social Ethics
04ST5550 – Christian Encounter with Islam
04ST5600 – Christ, Culture, and Contextualization


Summer 2019

04HT5200 – History of Christianity II
04HT6210 – Gospel and Race
04NT5300 – Pauline Epistles
04ON6220 – Biblical Theology and Scripture
04PT5200 – Evangelism
04PT5225 – Missions
04ST5300 – Covenant Theology
04ST6105 – Doctrine of Baptism
04ST6410 – Ministry in Today’s University


Spring 2019

04HT504 History of Christianity II
04MS725 Urban Apologetics
04NT504 Greek II
04NT516 Acts and Romans
04NT522 Hebrews to Revelation
04ON504 Advanced Biblical Exegesis
04OT504 Intermediate Hebrew
04OT516 Isaiah to Malachi
04OT532 Biblical Aramaic
04PT518 Pastoral Ministry
04PT522 Communication II
04PT524 Preaching Lab II
04PT526 Worship
04ST504 History of Philosophy and Christian Thought
04ST517 ST: Christology, Soteriology, and Eschatology
04ST540 Christian Encounter with Islam
04ST612 Christian Life and Doctrine

Winter 2019

04HT508 Classics of Personal Devotions
04PT520 Church Polity
04ST722 Bioethics
04ST526 Principles of Sanctification
04ST519 ST: Ecclesiology and Sacraments
04PT615 Formed for Image and Identity in Community
04ST530 Apologetics


Fall 2018

04CE510 Theological Research and Writing
04CE514 Educational Ministry of the Church
04MS720 Theology of the Minority Church
04NT502 Greek I
04NT506 Greek Exegesis
04NT508 Gospels
04NT520 Pauline Epistles
04OT502 Hebrew I
04OT506 Hebrew Exegesis
04OT508 Genesis to Joshua
04PT508 Communication I
04PT510 Preaching Lab I
04PT512 Leadership
04ST502 Intro to Pastoral and Theological Studies
04ST515 ST: Scripture, Theo, Anthro
04ST528 Pastoral and Social Ethics


Summer 2018

04HT502 History of Christianity I
04HT506 Church and World
04MS508 Evangelism
04MS623 Church Planting: What you need to know
04OT516 Isaiah to Malachi
04PT526 Worship
04PT727 Advanced Pastoral Counseling
04ST601 Covenant Theology