A Website Can Only Reveal So much

Are you trying to decide which seminary is right for you? A seminary’s catalog, brochure, or website will only show you so much. And since we’re all different, you can’t always take someone else’s word for it.

To really get a feel for seminary, you need to walk around the campus, sit in on a class, and tour the city. Your investment in theological education is too important not to do your research ahead of time.

With so many options, Preview Day is designed to provide a firsthand view of RTS Atlanta.

We aim to cultivate a strong community environment for learning and spiritual formation.

Preview Day

  • Hear about RTS from faculty and current students
  • Tour campus with other prospective students
  • Attend our monthly Francis J. Grimke Lecture Series and hear guest speaker Maya Moore, WNBA Star
  • Sit in on classes such as Ecclesiology & Sacraments, and Joshua to Esther
  • Have lunch with faculty and staff

What to Expect

Tuesday, April 28

A one-day event for students in conjunction with the Francis J. Grimke Lecture Series

9:00 AM

Breakfast Meet & Greet with Faculty and Admissions Staff

9:30 AM
Curriculum and Q&A about curriculum
Dr. Jonathan Stuckert

10:00 AM
Tour of Campus

10:15 AM
Faculty and Student Relationships
Dr. Bruce Lowe

11:00 AM
Grimke Lecture & Lunch
Guest Speaker Maya Moore

1:00 PMRTS Atlanta students eating
Class Observation: Joshua to Esther
Professor William Wood

2:00 PM
Class Observation: Ecclesiology & Sacraments
Dr. Guy Richard

3:00 PM
Admissions Process & Financial Aid

4:00 PM

Featured Speaker

Maya Moore


Explore your options.
Decide with confidence.

Attend Preview Day

Ask Questions

Gather Information

Make a Decision