Library FAQ

Who is my librarian?
You should contact the librarian at the campus where you are registered.

What online databases do I have access to as a student?
For a current list of the RTS libraries subscription databases, please see the database page.

How do I access the databases when I am not on campus?
When you are required to login to access these databases, your login credentials are the same as your Self-Service user id and password. The one exception is remote access to the Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection and PsycArticles databases (see below.)

How do I access the psychology databases when I am not on campus?
The Psychology and Behavioral Science Collection and PsycArticles databases require a separate set of login credentials to access remotely. If you are a Jackson MAC student, please call 601-923-1618 or contact for those credentials. If you are an Orlando MAC student, please contact for those credentials.

Do you have a guide for using the ATLA databases?
Yes, it may be found here.

How do I renew my items online?
To renew your items online, please follow the below steps.

1 > Go to the online catalog and select the “Renew Books” option in the top right corner.
2 > Login. For Library Card Number, enter the number under the barcode on your student ID or your library card. If you do not know your PIN, please contact your campus library staff for it.
3 > Access your account. From your name at the top right corner select the drop down menu option “Account Activity.”
4 > Within “Account Activity,” you’ll see the items currently checked out to you.
5 > Next to each item, you’ll see a Renew Loan button. Select that button to renew your item.

What if I need a book or article the library does not own?
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that provides you access to items not owned by a particular RTS campus library. ILL makes it possible for you to borrow items, or receive book and article scans, from other RTS campuses or even other library collections. When you need a book, a book scan, or a journal article that your RTS campus library does not own, you have the option of making an Inter-library Loan (ILL) request for it. Please see the Inter-library Loan Services page for more details and to make a request.

The book I want is at another RTS library. May I request it?
Yes. You may submit an Inter-library Loan request for it here.

How do I access e-books?
For a helpful guide on accessing EBSCO e-books, go here.  For help using ProQuest e-books, please visit this page.

Do I need to download e-books to view them?
You do not need to download, or “check-out,” e-books to view them. You only need to download an e-book if you plan on viewing it offline.
The library suggests not downloading the e-book so that additional students may have access to it.

I am an RTS Alumni, are there any online resources available to me?
Yes. The RTS libraries provide you access to an ATLA/S Alumni account. For instructions on accessing this database, please contact the campus library where you graduated.

May I check books out if I am not an RTS student?
The criteria for guest library card privileges varies from campus to campus. Please contact the library you would like to access for their policies regarding guest library cards.