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How does the second coming of Christ change how we live now?

Dr. Ligon Duncan

Dr. Ligon Duncan explains how Christ's second coming enables us to live with hope and confidence despite our daily circumstances.

Why did God wait to reveal the Trinity?

Dr. D. Blair Smith

Sharing theories from church history, Dr. D. Blair Smith explains how the progressive revealing of the Trinity prepares us to understand God better.

How do I counsel someone who has been hurt by the church?

Dr. Elizabeth Pennock

Dr. Elizabeth Pennock emphasizes the need to listen well to the stories of those who have been hurt by the church and to seek the healing found in Christ.

What are the differences between covenant theology and dispensationalism?

Dr. Guy Waters

Dr. Guy Waters notes both the common ground and the important differences between covenant theology and dispensationalism.

What if I struggle wanting to read the Bible?

Dr. Nate Brooks

Dr. Nate Brooks unpacks some of the obstacles Christians face when wanting to read the Bible but finding it dry instead of living and active.

How can a pastor best take care of himself in ministry?

Rev. Michael Glodo

Rev. Michael Glodo gives practical advice for pastors on how to take care of themselves, reminding them of the importance of living by the gospel.

Why should we read old theological works?

Dr. John V. Fesko

Dr. John Fesko encourages believers to read theological works from centuries past in order to learn from their God-given insight.

What are some advantages of distance education?

David John

David John explains the benefits and responsibilities of distance education, encouraging online students to stay rooted in their communities.

How do I read the Old Testament historical books devotionally?

Dr. Peter Lee

Dr. Peter Lee shares three practical strategies for reading through the Old Testament historical books as a devotional practice.

How do we know we can trust the Bible?

Dr. Zachary Cole

Dr. Zachary Cole points believers to history, archaeology, and the text itself to confirm the trustworthiness of the Bible.

What is missing from many sermons today?

Dr. Michael Kruger

Drawing from observations of our culture, Dr. Michael Kruger advises pastors connect with the needs and questions of their congregants in their sermons.

With COVID restrictions, is it worth going to seminary?

Dr. Ligon Duncan

Ligon Duncan discusses the importance of sharing the gospel and preparing for a lifetime of ministry, even in the midst of restrictions related to COVID-19.

Dr. Duncan talks about the significance of reaching episode 100.

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