New kid on the block is the word “missional.” We have talked a lot about missions, in mission, missionary, and missions field. But now suddenly you have the word “missional.” Then we have books and articles, and hundreds of them for the past maybe five years or 10 years. Then you talk about missional preaching, missional evangelism, missional church planting, missional witnessing, missional counseling. You name it.

I began to wonder, after reading so many definitions, and there is no consensus yet. I said that I don’t want to abandon the word missional. I think that’s a good word although it is not in the Bible. But I began to study the Scriptures. If I would ever use the word missional – and I use the word missional – I want people to know what I mean. I want to be biblical.

It means to live, think, write as a sent one for the sake of God’s glory.

In the way I define the word “missional” is this: mission means to live as a saint, one of the Lord. Now why do I say that? One is because when you go to the Gospel of John, you see Jesus consistently referred to as “the one sent by the Father.” But then when he comes to John 17, when he is in his prayer about his glory and about the church and about those who had come to believe in him through the word of the disciples, he prays this, “Father, as you sent me I sent them also.” Then I said, “You know what? What does it mean for me to be missional?” It means to live as a sent one, to think as a sent one, to write as a sent one for the sake of God’s glory, the edification of God’s people the church, and the salvation of the lost, across the street and around the world.

For me, what it means to be missional is simply this: to live as a sent one in such a way that I have two answers when people ask many questions. If you ask me a question, “Why are you here today for this interview?” I’d say, “Because you told me and you invited me and I’m coming here because you have invited me.” That is a correct answer, but it is incomplete. I don’t go anywhere. I’m sent anywhere. Then when I came is was not only because you have invited me. I have an opportunity now to tell people about Jesus, about God’s mission, about the power of the Holy Spirit, and about that work. Therefore, it’s a missional moment for me.