What happens when politics drive our faith? Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr. explains what happens when the church submits to politics rather than to God’s word.

Anyone who allows their politics to drive their faith is an idol worshiper. I will put it straight like that. The Kingdom of God is not determined by politics. There are Christian organizations who have an excellent analysis of the cultural challenges we face, second to none, but when it comes to doing something about it they want to fight the battle on the level of politics.

He calls us to have a voice not determined by politics. We should speak the truth of God’s word to both sides.

When the church submits itself to politics like that, politics will pimp the church. I have seen it on both sides. If your Christianity is driven by politics, then whoever god is has got to be an idol. God is above all of that. He calls us as Christians to have a voice not determined by conservatism, liberalism, Democrats, or Republicans. We should speak the truth of God’s word to both sides. For example, if I’m involved in a protest the reason that I’m protesting is because of a wrong that is being done but at the same time I will critique the protest itself because there are wrongs that they are doing. It is not because I want to pick the wrong things – it is that we are all sinners. We have to recognize the fact that as a Christian I know that the more righteous my protest, the more powerful my protest. What I want to do is make my protest as righteous as possible.

I am not defined by ideology. I’m defined by theology, what the word of God says. Any Christians who allow politics to become their identity are Christians who are in serious trouble. They will be disappointed. The Bible warns us to not put our trust in kings. Yes, I should speak truth to power whenever I have to, but I am not going to allow politicians to take me for granted nor will I accept them writing me off.