The Old Testament narrative of the Bible recounts the grand story of God calling a people to be his own. God chooses, saves, and spares that nation as he builds a channel of redemption in order to spread his glory over all the earth. Ultimately, God sends his son, Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of the world. What appears to be a defeat in the death of God’s Son becomes a victory, as Christ conquers death in his resurrection. Will God’s glory fill the earth? So Send I You: God’s Progress of Redemption: Part Two answers this question. As we follow the dramatic growth of the New Testament church, as recorded in the book of Acts, we will come to understand that God is surely at work in his world. His followers spread the good news of Christ’s work on the cross and his powerful resurrection, beginning from Jerusalem, cascading to the surrounding areas, and ultimately to the “ends of the earth.” As you read So Send I You: God’s Progress of Redemption, you just might discover that you too are part of God’s marvelous plan to spread his glory over all of the earth.