Spring 1990

Reformed Quarterly Volume 9, Issue 1

If there are so many Christians, then why are we not making a bigger difference? That question keeps nagging at me. Increases in church membership, large attractive church buildings, plus books and conferences by the thousands — all have seemingly added little to the distinctives and influence of the Christian faith. In fact, George Gallup has observed that when it comes to moral-ethical values, there is no significant difference between church members and non-church members.

Not only can it be argued that the church’s impact on an increasingly secular society is negligible, but that the world is setting the agenda for the church. In that light, Carl Henry and other prominent Christian leaders see dark days ahead. Prospects are grim.

Why has this happened and what can be done about it? The unpleasant truth is the failure of the church to take its educational task seriously. We have not given our people a discerning grasp of the Christian faith as it progresses from conversion to distinctive, life-changing faith and discipleship. Even evangelical churches, staunch defenders of the Bible’s authority as the basis for faith and life, have been woefully weak in educating youth and adults. So, the Lord’s people don’t know. They are well-intentioned, generally, but untaught. That has to change. Quickly.

It will not do to try to place the blame on an antagonistic secular world or liberal theology. The blame is ours. We have failed to teach what we believe and why and the difference it must make. If there is to be any hope of arresting current trends and averting the complete collapse of Christian influence on our world, if we have any hope for more than a superficial expression of the Christian faith, then it is apparent that the Lord’s people must give themselves to Christian education at all age levels.

RTS was established to assure a ministry based on the authoritative, inerrant Word of God. We are committed to raise up new generations of leaders who have a discerning grasp of the Christian faith and are prepared to pass it on to others so that they will be able to tell right from wrong, truth from error. Then we may expect to see a greater number of God’s people intelligently and courageously advocate a better way.