On May 18, 2019, Dr. Ligon Duncan, Chancellor & CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary, prayed for the 2019 graduates of Reformed Theological Seminary. We’d like to share this prayer with you and ask that you join us in praying for our graduates.

Heavenly Father,

I bow my knees before you in awe and regard,
knowing that you rule every family in heaven and earth,
and I ask that you would grant
—in proportion to your glorious riches and limitless resources—
to all Christians, and especially these graduates of Reformed Theological Seminary . . .

to be given power, by Your Spirit, in order to be strengthened, in their very inmost beings …

so that their hearts begin to be so Jesus-shaped, that their desires and dispositions are
conformed to him, by faith

so that they are so grounded in the experience of Christ’s love that they begin to understand it and come to be defined by it

so that they are brought to a full Christian maturity and come to more fully bear the image and likeness of God in all that they are, think, desire, say and do.

And that, having experienced this work of the Spirit in their own lives, they would desire to be your instruments, and serve to this end, that these things would be established in the lives of the people with and unto whom they have the enormous Gospel privilege of ministering.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord,


~ Based on Ephesians 3:14-19