Most of the Bible’s verses that occur in Aramaic are in Ezra and Daniel, a linguistic occurrence that developed as a result of Israel’s exile in Babylon. Totaling 269 verses, Aramaic is key language students of the Old Testament will need to master.

Basics of Biblical Aramaic, Second Edition by Dr. Miles V. Van Pelt is designed for students who are already familiar with biblical Hebrew and now want to obtain a working knowledge of biblical Aramaic in a single semester. Thus, the grammar is designed for scholars or comparative linguistic analysis, but for all students who wish to faithfully study, teach, and preach the Old Testament.

Modeled on Dr. Miles Van Pelt’s bestselling Basics of Biblical Hebrew, Basics of Biblical Aramaic, Second Edition includes:

  • Thorough explanation of Aramaic’s grammatical conventions
  • Chapter exercises
  • A complete lexicon of Aramaic words found in the Bible
  • An annotated text of all 269 Bible verses originally written in Aramaic

In the second edition the grammar features:

  • Two-color scheme for the Aramaic text
  • A complete update to secondary sources
  • Expanded and revised annotations of the biblical texts in Aramaic