University of Illinois, B.S.
Covenant Theological Seminary, MDiv, Th.M.
Westminster Theological Seminary, Th.M.

About The Rev. Glodo

Professor Glodo has served on the Orlando faculty since 1991 with the exception of six years as Stated Clerk (Chief Administrative Officer) of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (2000-2006). During that time he has taught Old Testament, New Testament, Preaching, Theology of Ministry, and a variety of electives. He has also served as Dean of the Chapel where he planned, lead, coordinated, and preached in weekly chapel services for many years.

The diversity of the courses Professor Glodo teaches reflects his diverse research and ministry interests. Of particular interest to him, as reflected throughout his courses, is the centrality of the church as God’s people on mission and media ecology. In addition to serving in a variety of leadership roles in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, he has also served in pastoral roles in churches in the St. Louis region. He maintains an active pulpit ministry, consults with churches, and has served in interim pastor roles for churches in transition. Students appreciate Professor Glodo’s warm and approachable demeanor, his deep desire to build relationships with those he teaches, and his love for the Church. He and his wife, Vicki, have a daughter, Rachel, and son, Samuel. 




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