Palm Beach Atlantic University, B.A.
Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M.
University of Edinburgh, Ph.D.
Queen’s University, Belfast, PGCHET

About Dr. Cole

Prior to joining the faculty of RTS Orlando in 2021, Dr. Cole taught for five years at a Presbyterian seminary in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Now he serves as Associate Professor of New Testament at RTS and teaches core classes on Biblical Greek and New Testament.
Dr. Cole developed a passion for biblical languages and theology during his undergraduate years, and has since been engaged in academic study of the Bible, its origins, and its meaning. His research interests include textual criticism, manuscripts, New Testament exegesis in general, and Paul’s letters in particular. His doctoral thesis focused on aspects of early Christian book culture, and it was published by Brill.
As an ordained minister with years of experience as a pastor, Dr. Cole is particularly concerned that his students learn to apply their knowledge and skills in biblical studies to contemporary ministry situations. He lives in Oviedo with his wife, Kayla, and their three daughters.



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