DePauw University, B.A.
Princeton Theological Seminary, MDiv
King’s College London, University of London, Ph.D.

About Dr. Burton

Born in the Midwest, Rufus is a Presbyterian by birth, education, conviction and experience. He comes from a long line of Presbyterian deacons, ruling elders and Clerks of Session. The first in his family to be ordained to the teaching eldership of the church, he was sent to Princeton Theological Seminary to be sure it would stick. Ordained in 1998 to ministry in Indiana, Rufus left Indianapolis to pursue an advanced academic degree at King’s College London. In 2003 he was installed as the Pastor of First Presbyterian Church (Martinsburg, WV), where he is now the third longest-serving pastor in the two hundred year history of the congregation.

Rufus and his wife Andrea have four sons. They are active in the Boy Scouts and enjoy British mysteries. Rufus is well known for his easy smile, infectious laughter and his biblical preaching and teaching.