High Point University, B.A.
Reformed Theological Seminary, MATS
The University of Iowa, Ph.D.

About Dr. Yoder

Fall 2017, Peter Yoder joined RTS Dallas to serve as Lecturer in Historical Theology and Director of Admissions. He is also currently a ruling elder at Christ the King Presbyterian Church in Desoto, Texas.

Before arriving in Dallas, Dr. Yoder was Visiting Assistant Professor of Christian Studies at Berry College and served at First Presbyterian Church in Rome, Georgia. He has had the privilege of holding research fellowships at the Leibniz Institute of European History (Mainz), the Gotha Research Centre of the University of Erfurt, and the Francke Foundations (Halle/Saale). He received his Master of Arts (Theological Studies) from RTS Charlotte and his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa.

Peter is married to Mary and they have two lovely daughters.

Dr. Yoder is author of Pietism and the Sacraments: The Life and Theology of August Hermann Francke (Pennsylvania State University Press, 2020), and you can access his articles and contributions via his profile.