University of Southern Mississippi, B.F.A.
Reformed Theological Seminary, M.Div.
University of Aberdeen, M.Th.
Wolfson College, University of Oxford, M.St.
University College, University of Oxford, D.Phil.

About Dr. Reid

Dr. Nicholas Reid joined the faculty of RTS-Orlando in 2017 and serves as Associate Professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Studies, as well as Director of the Hybrid MDiv Program. He teaches core courses related to Old Testament and covenant theology and offers advanced electives in the languages and cultures of the Ancient Near East.

A native of Mississippi, Dr. Reid received the M.Div. and numerous academic awards at RTS Jackson. Post-graduate studies took him to the United Kingdom where he earned a Master of Theology at the University of Aberdeen in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, followed by a Master of Studies with distinction in cuneiform studies at the University of Oxford and, finally, the D.Phil. in Oriental Studies with an emphasis on cuneiform also at the University of Oxford. He has since lectured in university settings in the United Kingdom and North America, including serving as a visiting professor at RTS Orlando. Reid is also a current Research Affiliate and previously, a Visiting Research Scholar, at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World at New York University. He also formerly worked as an Associate Editor of Hebrew for BibleMesh and taught Old Testament at Reformation Bible College, Sanford, FL.

Dr. Reid’s research interests cover a broad range of topics, including social history, the biblical text, as well as unpublished epistolary, literary, and administrative cuneiform texts. He is presently coauthoring a textual edition of a group of unpublished Old Babylonian letters for Oxford University Press. Dr. Reid also contributes to the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (

During seminary, Dr. Reid served as an intern under Dr. Ligon Duncan at First Presbyterian Church, Jackson, MS, and is currently under care of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. While in seminary, he also collaborated on numerous publishing projects with Dr. Duncan.

Dr. Reid and his wife, Blair, live in the greater Orlando area with their four children.


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