About Dr. Ince

The Rev. Dr. Irwyn Ince began his professional career as a systems engineer and project engineering manager in the Washington-Baltimore Metropolitan area where he designed and implemented radio communications systems for state and local government clients. Sensing a call to ministry he began to pursue a master’s degree with RTS DC on a part-time basis while continuing his engineering career. Following his graduation in 2006 Irwyn helped plant City of Hope Presbyterian Church in Columbia, MD. During those years he maintained his connection to RTS DC by serving as a teaching assistant in Greek and Hebrew courses.

In 2016 Irwyn received the Doctor of Ministry degree from Covenant Theological Seminary. His dissertation was on Identity Formation in Diverse Churches. He firmly believes that the ministry of reconciliation demonstrated in the local church by the gathering of people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, is the natural outworking of a rich covenantal theological commitment. He makes it his aim to share this vision through his role as pastor and director of theĀ Grace DC Institute for Cross-Cultural Mission.

He and his wonderful wife Kim have four children, Jelani, Nabil, Zakiya, and Jeremiah. In addition to his passion for his family and for ministry, Dr. Ince is gleefully committed to coffee and CrossFit.