The Master’s College, B.A.
Wheaton College, MA
Wheaton College, Ph.D.

About Dr. Gladd

Dr. Benjamin Gladd received his B.A. in Greek and Hebrew from The Master’s College (2001) and M.A. in Biblical Exegesis from Wheaton College (2003). He then completed a Ph.D. from Wheaton College in New Testament in 2008. Prior to joining the RTS faculty, he served as an adjunct faculty member at Wheaton College, teaching New Testament exegesis and interpretation, Greek, and introductory courses on the Old and New Testaments. In addition to his work at RTS, Dr. Gladd became a member of the editorial board for Themelios in 2019.


Dr. Gladd’s interests lie in biblical theology, the use of the Old Testament in the New, and biblical exegesis. RTS believes that the Bible is God’s Word, he wants to instill in his students the desire to interpret Scripture seriously. He is passionate about teaching students how to engage the Bible in its original languages, by learning how to analyze syntax, perform word studies, recognize the logical flow of the passage, and determine how the Old Testament is used in the New Testament.


Dr. Gladd hails from the eastern shore of Maryland, and his wife, Nikki, from Grand Rapids, Michigan. They are proud parents of two sons, Judah and Simon. Dr. Gladd enjoys playing sports and catching any football or basketball game, using spare time to do woodworking and all sorts of DIY projects around the house. His wife, Nikki, runs a popular blog (, where she writes about family, food, and faith.


  • Synoptics and Acts
  • Hebrews through Revelation
  • The Use of the Old Testament in the New
  • Hermeneutics
  • Greek
  • Greek Exegesis
  • Greek Exegesis of 1 Peter
  • Greek Exegesis of Colossians
  • Greek Exegesis of Mark


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