Reformed Theological Seminary, 5G LLC Enable 5G Across the US

Reformed Theological Seminary is pleased to announce a strategic marketing agreement with 5G LLC, a leading provider of connectivity technology solutions for the real estate industry. Under the new agreement, 5G LLC will market and monetize rooftop spaces at multiple RTS campuses as potential sites for 5G network infrastructure deployment by leading wireless carriers. 5G LLC will negotiate leases with wireless carriers, coordinate management of the sites, and manage revenue collection from this new digital asset class.

“We are delighted to be working with 5G LLC on this project,” said Ricky Rayborn, Chief Operations Officer at RTS. “Besides offering possible new revenue streams for RTS, the initiative will help to broaden the availability of 5G in several of the cities where RTS has a campus, meaning we can be a partner in serving these communities by allowing for the deployment of this technology. 5G technology is uniquely suited to enable deployment on RTS’ existing building rooftops where building heights meet requirements for the next-generation 5G wireless network.”

Next-generation wireless deployments are positioned to be one of the largest allocators of lease revenue in the U.S. over the next five years. A rooftop deployment strategy presents a solution that is mutually beneficial to the 5G carrier and the property owner. Carriers achieve their objective of deploying their infrastructure as quickly as possible in heavily trafficked areas, while property owners reap the financial benefits of leasing their rooftops and monetizing their existing buildings in new ways.

“5G LLC is excited to be working with RTS to bring them into this new opportunity that will unlock their real estate rooftop potential, enable an entirely new lease revenue stream and help manage it through the life of the agreement as a long-term asset” said Luke Rodgers, Senior Director of Business Development at 5G LLC.

Founded in 1966 in Jackson, Miss., RTS is now one of the largest seminaries in the world, with campuses in Jackson; Orlando; Charlotte; Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Houston; Dallas; and New York City. The seminary also reaches students around the world through RTS Global. The partnership with 5G LLC extends to the seminary’s commercial real estate assets throughout the U.S., including at the Jackson, Orlando, Charlotte, and Atlanta campuses.

About 5G LLC

5G LLC allows carriers to quickly deploy and expand the newest technology to meet the dramatic increase in demand of required cell sites. 5G LLC allows building owners to become an immediate on-ramp to the carrier’s national deployments. Building owners receive a long-term revenue stream from transforming their rooftops into a technology-rich environment that directly impacts net operating income, and provides the backbone for essential amenities and services. 5G LLC currently has over 400 leading real estate portfolios and over 40,000 buildings under agreement for rooftop connectivity and is working with all major carrier networks.