India and the Work of Presbyterian Theological Seminary of Debra Dup, India

With PowerPoint, video, and discussion, Dr. Ebenezer will introduce the history and the religious and social landscape of India and the work of Presbyterian Theological Seminary (PTS), Dehra Dun (India).

When: March 17 at 7:00pm. Gourmet pizza will be provided. For food counting, RSVP to

About Dr. Ebenezer 

Dr. Matthew Ebenezer is an ordained teaching elder of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of India (RPCI). Matthew began teaching at Presbyterian Theological Seminary (PTS), Dehra Dun, India in 1982.  Between 2004 and 2014 he was engaged in other ministry opportunities that included serving as Country Director for Mission to the World (MTW) in his native Sri Lanka, overseeing Tsunami rehabilitation; Director for Theological Education for MTW’s church planting work in India, and Adjunct Professor of Church History and Practical Theology at the New Theological College, Dehra Dun.  He is now Interim Principal of PTS (from August 2014).  Matthew teaches Church History and Practical Theology at PTS.  He is the author of What the Apostles Believed: A Devotional Commentary (2007).  He has contributed to The Oxford Encyclopaedia of South Asian Christianity (2011), and the ESV Global Bible Study Bible (2012). Matthew’s primary interest is in theological education in majority world contexts.   He has taught in theological institutions in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Indonesia.   Matthew holds a Ph. D. in Historical Theology (1998) from Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia.

Matthew’s wife Anna (MA, Christian Education) was a teacher at PTS for about 18years.  She founded a ministry to women (2000) funded by a self-supporting business.  The work involves counselling, life-skill building, and helping women re-discover their self-worth and dignity.

The Ebenezers have two married children and one grandchild.

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