Dean of Students Geoff Sackett To Pursue Academic Studies Full-time

RTS Washington dean of students and director of admissions Geoff Sackett is stepping down from his role in order to pursue his academic studies full-time. “This is an exciting transition for Geoff, whom we know to be an especially gifted scholar and teacher of philosophy and theology. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors,” said Scott Redd, the president of the RTS Washington campus.

Sackett has served RTS over the past fifteen years, first as the registrar, and later as the director of admissions, dean of students, and a guest lecturer.  “Geoff is also one of those rare individuals whose intellectual aptitude is matched with a humble, pastoral gift for human relationships,” said Redd. “Geoff’s unique gifting has been a blessing to the RTS community, and he will be dearly missed.”

Howard Griffith, academic dean at RTS Washington, praised Sackett’s ability to counsel and encourage those in the seminary community. “He naturally knows and loves people as individuals and seeks their good and their progress in studies.”

Sackett’s considerable experience at the campus suggests the substantial contribution that he has made to its development. “I am so grateful to the Lord for my ability to serve in these ways, develop relationships with so many wonderful people, and for blessing RTS Washington over the years,” he said.

Sackett’s last formal day on campus at RTS will be March 31, 2017. The farewell gathering will be held during lunch at noon, Thursday, March 30. For more information, please contact Jennifer McGahey.