Orlando Campus Named “The Lucas Campus”

David Lucas has been a major partner of the ministry of Reformed Theological Seminary for over 25 years. An exceptionally successful businessman, visionary leader, and a man driven by his love for God, David has immensely blessed the RTS community with his stewardship and servanthood. In recognition of his significant generosity and faithful service, RTS named the Orlando campus “The Lucas Campus,” and honored David’s ministry at RTS with a special chapel and naming ceremony on October 24th, 2018.

In attendance were members of the Lucas family, several trustees from the RTS Board, distinguished friends of the seminary, and institutional officers including RTS Chancellor, Dr. Ligon Duncan. Dr. Duncan led the chapel service, preaching a sermon from Psalm 127 titled, “This is the Lord’s Seminary.” 

In addition to the special chapel and community luncheon, RTS unveiled new signage bearing the “Lucas Campus” name and a commissioned portrait of David Lucas that will reside in Orlando.

David Lucas was particularly influential in the construction of the beautiful and iconic Orlando campus RTS enjoys today. A longtime land developer and philanthropist in Central Florida, David joined the Board of Trustees in May of 1998, and has served on the RTS Executive Committee since 2002. During his tenure on the board, he has been instrumental in the expansion of RTS to include other campuses and long term strategic planning for the seminary’s future.

In addition to his service on the board, David and his wife Linda have been exceedingly generous in their financial support for RTS. David expressed their philosophy of giving as stewarding what God owns: “Stewardship involves the realization that your money, possessions, and talents are not your own but are ultimately owned by God who owns everything.” David and Linda still reside in southwest Florida, and are blessed by their three children and seven grandchildren.