Torah Scroll to be Donated and Dedicated at Convocation, August 24

RTS Jackson cordially invites you to our 51st Convocation and the unveiling and dedication of an ancient Torah scroll on August 24.

Convocation will begin at 11:00am at Grace Chapel and Dr. Bruce Baugus, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology, will give the Convocation address, entitled “Coram Scriptura, Coram Deo: Spiritual Despair and Exegetical Defiance in Life, Study, and Ministry.”  During Convocation, the Torah scroll will be donated and dedicated.  Lunch will follow.

At 1:30pm in the Library, there will be a Colloquium, where Dr. Scott Carroll will give an interactive seminar about the Torah scroll.  Dr. Scott Carroll is a leading expert in rare biblical papyri and scrolls.  The seminar will be an opportunity to gain hands-on experience with this unique artifact as the Torah scroll is rolled out for examination.  Several other ancient scrolls, papyri, and other interesting Biblical artifacts will also be on display.  Anyone interested in biblical history, ancient artifacts, Hebrew, and the powerful roots of the Old Testament tradition will benefit from this seminar.  

Through the generosity of Ken and Barb Larson and their family, this ancient Hebrew Torah scroll of the first five books of the Bible will have new life in our community. Having survived some of the darkest periods of human history, this scroll is a powerful testament to God’s faithfulness and the enduring power of his Word.  This stunning piece of our spiritual heritage demonstrates the meticulous care and sacrificial commitment of one faith community’s preservation of the biblical text.  

Join us for Convocation, the dedication of the Torah scroll, and the interactive seminar.  We’d love to have you as our guest.