RTS Announces Virtual Preview Day for All Campuses

I am extremely pleased to be able to announce and invite you to our first virtual preview day. All campuses will be participating and all prospective students are welcome to join us on Wednesday, May 6 at 2:00 pm, CDT. All attendees will need to register prior to the event.

Even in the coronavirus disruption, your friends at RTS are trying to make the most out of the situation. That’s one reason I’m so delighted that we are hosting our first “All of RTS” Virtual Preview Day. I look forward to talking with you and introducing you to our presidents, executive directors, and some of our amazing faculty.

Reformed Theological Seminary is the largest confessional reformed seminary in the world, but with a close family feel, and we offer an unequaled array of resources to the students in our RTS family who are preparing for a lifetime of ministry, with a mind for truth and a heart for God. I can’t wait for you to learn a little more about how we serve our students in equipping them for ministry, and to familiarize you with the distinctives of RTS.

From the beginning, our commitment to the inspiration, infallibility, inerrancy, and authority of God’s Word has been a hallmark of our institution and its public reputation. Because of this, RTS has earned the trust of people from a wide diversity of personal and denominational backgrounds. Along with this comes a commitment to winsome confessional reformed theology. The RTS ethos combines things that are unique in theological education in our time: a robust commitment to confessional Reformed theology with a winsome, happy, positive, posture.

We love and care about truth, doctrine, and theology. However, we also care about producing godly, loving people who will serve the Lord and his church in such a way to commend the faith with their lips, lives, conviction, and character. We care about preparing graduates who will serve well in confessional, reformed churches and denominations. We care about equipping church workers who serve faithfully in the wider Bible-believing world. While some confessional, reformed institutions have an ambivalent or antagonistic attitude about the more broadly evangelical world, we esteem and want to serve Bible-believing Christians outside of confessional circles. We also want to provide needed theological ballast and exercise persuasive healthful influence.

Our world-class professors are at the very heart of fostering our ethos. These pastor-scholars are devoted to equipping you for the work of ministry. RTS is blessed with the largest, most prolific, and widely known theological faculty in the confessional, reformed world. Nothing is more essential to the purpose of a seminary theological education than the student’s relationship with the professors, and the professors’ love for the students, their character and godliness, passion for and involvement in the church, personal and public theological commitments, wide and deep learning and disciplinary expertise, pastoral experience and instincts, understanding of and devotion to pastoral preparation. The “secret sauce” of RTS is the people.

We hope that many of you who have been considering seminary — and specifically RTS — will register and join us on May 6.

Your friend,