RTS Charlotte Center for Church Planting Hosts Winter Conference

Reformed Theological Seminary, Charlotte will be hosting a Center for Church Planting Conference on January 10, 2022. The focus of the 2022 conference is “Shaping Healthy Church Planters.” It will provide training for current and future church planters and church planting leaders.

The conference will be from 8:30 to 1:30 PM at the chapel of RTS Charlotte. Sponsored by RTS Charlotte’s Center for Church Planting and the Antioch Foundation, the conference includes a catered breakfast and lunch. The conference’s featured speakers are Bob Cargo of Perimeter Church and Elliot Grudem of Leaders Collective.

“I am thrilled about the way the Center for Church Planting at RTS Charlotte has helped so many churches think more clearly about how to start and grow new churches,” shared Dr. Michael Kruger, President of RTS Charlotte. “And we look forward to hosting the Forge Conference on January 10 with speakers Bob Cargo and Elliott Grudem. This is another great opportunity for leaders to learn more about the blessings and challenges of church planting.”

The conference is free, but registration is required. Attendees can register here.

Featured Speakers

Bob Cargo serves as Perimeter Church’s Director of Church Planting and as a member of its teaching (preaching) team. He also serves as one of the leaders of the Metro Atlanta Collective (formerly known as the North Georgia Church Planting Network). He has served as a minister in the PCA for over 30 years & has been involved in giving pastoral leadership for three church plants in places as diverse as Chicago, Atlanta, and Oxford, Mississippi.

Elliot Grudem is the founder of the Leaders Collective, an organization he started to help pastors sustain fruitful ministry. He serves as Assistant Pastor of Church Planting at Christ the King Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Raleigh, North Carolina. Grudem has served as director of the Acts 29 Network, a pastor at Vintage Church (Raleigh), a pastor at Mars Hill Church (Seattle), and senior minister at Christ the King Presbyterian Church (Raleigh), a church he replanted. He also worked for an urban ministry in New Orleans.