New Summer/Winter MACC Degree

(CHARLOTTE, NC) – March 12, 2018 – RTS Charlotte is pleased to announce a new format available to students interested in pursuing a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling degree. Launching in Fall 2018, the Summer/Winter MACC is specifically designed to give students the ability to pursue their biblical counseling degree while living at a distance.

President Mike Kruger explains the vision for this new format, “The Summer/Winter MACC allows for all counseling classes to be taken in a face-to-face residential format without having to relocate. Since Christ-honoring counseling always involves relationships with people, we think it is best learned not by staring at a computer screen but by participating in a dynamic, live classroom.”

Students will take two intensive counseling classes in successive weeks each summer and winter during their course of study.  At the same time, bible and theology classes will be taken in an online format.  This format allows the MACC degree to be completed in four years.

The intensive experience also gives Summer/Winter MACC students unique relational opportunities. Counseling Department Director Jim Newheiser notes, “The intensive class format provides a unique opportunity to build closer relationships between the professor and those in the class, as well as creating a special bond among the students. It is not unusual for students to go to lunch with the professor and for students and professors to gather in a professor’s home at least one night during each intensive class.”

The last three years have been exciting as the counseling degree at RTS Charlotte continues to grow. We pray that even more faithful men and women will be able to pursue this unique, Reformed, face-to-face counseling degree through the Summer/Winter format. For more information about the Summer/Winter MACC, visit