About the Show

Mind + Heart is a new show from Reformed Theological Seminary where we discuss a variety of topics related to Christian living to assist you in your daily quest to love God and love your neighbor. In the first season, we’ll take short interviews from RTS’s weekly video Q&A series, Wisdom Wednesday, and invite guests back to dive deeper into the topic they addressed in a specific episode.

Recently Aired

Season 2 | Episode 1

Dr. Charlie Wingard

Dr. Charlie Wingard and Phillip Holmes discuss leadership, burnout, and contentment in ministry, revisiting Dr. Wingard's previous Wisdom Wednesday episode.

Season 1 | Episode 10

Dr. Ligon Duncan

Dr. Ligon Duncan discusses prayer with Phillip Holmes as they revisit Dr. Duncan's previous Wisdom Wednesday episode, "How do I pray without ceasing?"

Season 1 | Episode 9

Dr. John V. Fesko

John Fesko and Phillip Holmes discuss technology, culture, and Christianity, revisiting Dr. Fesko’s previous Wisdom Wednesday episode.

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How can a pastor best take care of himself in ministry?

Rev. Michael Glodo

Rev. Michael Glodo gives practical advice for pastors on how to take care of themselves, reminding them of the importance of living by the gospel.

Why should we read old theological works?

Dr. John V. Fesko

Dr. John Fesko encourages believers to read theological works from centuries past in order to learn from their God-given insight.

What are some advantages of distance education?

David John

David John explains the benefits and responsibilities of distance education, encouraging online students to stay rooted in their communities.