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Mind + Heart is a new show from Reformed Theological Seminary where we discuss a variety of topics related to Christian living to assist you in your daily quest to love God and love your neighbor. In the first season, we’ll take short interviews from RTS’s weekly video Q&A series, Wisdom Wednesday, and invite guests back to dive deeper into the topic they addressed in a specific episode.

Recently Aired

Bonus Episode

Mike Hillerman

Mike Hillerman and Phillip Holmes discuss suffering, psychology and counseling, and how Christianity informs our response to both.

Bonus Episode

Phillip Holmes

Isaac Adams and Phillip Holmes discuss healthy Christian communication, good practices for social media, and racism while discussing Rev. Adams’ book.

Season 2 | Episode 9

Dr. Ligon Duncan

Phillip Holmes and Dr. Ligon Duncan discuss misconceptions about covenant theology, as well as its practical applications.

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What does it mean that God is able to keep us from stumbling?

Dr. Zachary Cole

Dr. Zachary Cole explains how the book of Jude warns against taking advantage of the gospel and encourages believers to persevere in God's grace.

What lessons can we learn from the pandemic?

Dr. James Anderson

Dr. James Anderson exhorts believers to learn lessons about God's sovereignty and the importance of public witness during times of unrest like a pandemic.

What is the importance of the Westminster Standards today?

Dr. Ligon Duncan

Dr. Ligon Duncan explains the function of the Westminster Standards and how Christians can benefit from them in a modern context.