General Information

Job Title:

Women’s Ministry Director

Job Description:

The Director of Women’s Ministries will be responsible for establishing and developing ministries in the church that will contribute to the spiritual care and maturity of women who belong to or attend Proclamation Presbyterian Church. She will be accountable to the Session, but will report directly to the Senior Pastor. As a member of the Ministry Staff of Proclamation, she will be expected to work in co-ordination with the entire staff to execute the overall vision of the Session and Senior Pastor. The position requires twenty hours of work per week. The Director will work in tandem with a team of volunteer servants.

Position Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Ministry experience preferred
  • Clear understanding of vision and mission of Proclamation Presbyterian Church
  • Working knowledge of Reformed theology and Presbyterian doctrine and being in general accord with Westminster Confession of Faith

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Part Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Proclamation Presbyterian Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(610) 520-9500




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Bryn Mawr, PA

Description of Organization

We are a Bible-believing, Reformed and Christ-centered church. Our congregation belongs to the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and holds to the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms as our statement of faith and practice. In essence this means that we take the Bible seriously as God’s inspired and inerrant word. We stand in line with the historic understanding of the Christian Faith traced back through the Protestant Reformation to Augustine and the Early Church. And we see that understanding of the Faith best expressed in the Confession and Catechisms produced by the Westminster Assembly. Our greatest goal in life is to live for God’s glory and life’s greatest joy is found in fellowship with him.

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