General Information

Job Title:

Senior Pastor

Job Description:

  • Primary Sunday Morning preacher
  • Willing to engage in long term biblical counseling
  • Willing to commit to and become a part of the regular fellowship of the body
  • Work with other Elders in Church polity and decision making
  • Ability to communicate and connect with the people on a personal level
  • Establish yearly vision statements for the Church
  • Develop future leaders of the church
  • Perform weddings and funerals for the congregation

Position Qualifications:

  • Must meet Biblical qualifications of an Elder
  • Minimum BA in Biblical Studies or related area – MDiv from an accredited seminary preferred
  • 5 years minimum Pastoral experience, 10 years preferred
  • Trained and experienced in biblical counseling
  • Expository preaching as predominant style, topical on occasion
  • Holds to doctrinal distinctives of Lighthouse Bible Fellowship (
  • Maintain a humble, loving and gentle attitude to the congregants
  • A man with a strong vision and calling for local evangelism
  • Committed “to equip the saints for the work of ministry.” (Eph 4:12)

Application Deadline


Job Type:

Full Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Lighthouse Bible Fellowship

Contact Name & Contact Info

(510) 557-1056





City, State

Fremont, CA, CA

Description of Organization

Lighthouse Bible Fellowship is a Bible centered, family oriented church made up of people who love the Lord and His Word.  Upholding Scripture through expository preaching and practical application is paramount in all we do.  We are a church family of about 100 -125 attendees on a typical Sunday morning.

Lighthouse is a church family that is committed to serving each other, praying for one another, and having fellowship with one another.  Unity among believers, based upon our love of Christ and our salvation in Him, is one of Lighthouse’s strengths.  The congregation is made up of committed Christians, many of whom have been members of Lighthouse for a long time.

Our church is very welcoming to visitors and we love getting to know new people.  Many first time attenders have commented on the friendliness of the people at Lighthouse.  The church is located in a diverse neighborhood of predominately Asian, Indian, and Hispanic families.  Our church body is made up of many different ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, levels of Christian growth and maturity, family status, and economic status.

We are a church that loves to worship the Lord through song.  We have a small worship band and our typical Sunday service consists of contemporary arrangements of hymns and other popular CCM.  We are careful to ensure the lyrics glorify God and are theologically accurate.

For more information about our church ministries and beliefs, please visit our website –

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