General Information

Job Title:

Kids Ministry Director

Job Description:


The Kids Director is the visionary leader of the Kids Ministry at One Hope Church. The Director is someone who loves kids and is driven to create a growing ministry to connect with kids and families in new ways. He/she excels at building and leading a team that exists to make every kid’s and parent’s experience with One Hope (and more importantly with Jesus) the best that it can be.

We believe that the primary conduit for caring for and raising children to know and love Jesus is the family. We want to welcome kids into our care on the weekends and make their experience as fun and memorable as possible while also considering how to send them back into their family, day-to-day context with opportunities to keep learning and discovering faith.

The Kids Director is responsible for overseeing the weekend experience as well as the ongoing points of care and discipleship with families during the week.


The Kids Director serves under the leadership of the Pastors and is considered a core member of the paid Staff team. He/she has a voice into the overall vision and direction of ministry planning of One Hope while primarily making decisions in the spheres relating to Kids ministry.


  1. Oversee the weekly kids programming on Sundays including but not limited to:
    • Team Scheduling / Training
    • Resource Management
    • Parent Communication
    • Curriculum Management
    • Worship / Music Coordination
  1. Gather and train volunteer leaders who take ownership of areas of Kids ministry.
  2. Delegate as much leadership responsibility as possible while remaining a steady, visible presence on the team and in the church.
  3. Regularly recruit and speak to the church about Kids ministry opportunities.
  4. Speak into and manage the annual Kids Ministry budget including making purchases with acredit card for the ministry.
  5. Regularly set short and long term goals for the ministry and the weekend team.
  6. Communicate proactively and hopefully with parents / guardians about Kids ministry.
  7. Develop and execute plans for missionally inviting new families into the church.
  8. Log and report work hours for transparency and payroll compliance with Pastors.
  9. Contribute and be prepared to lead weekly leadership-level conversations with Pastorsand other Staff.

Commitments & Compensation

  • 1+ year commitment to the position (ideally 2 years+)
  • Average of 20 – 30 hours per week (determined more specifically during hiring process)
  • Compensation varies based on credentials and experience ($20-$30k

Position Qualifications:


  • Confidence as the visible champion of the Kids ministry
  • Passion for helping kids meet and grow to follow Jesus
  • Desire to build and lead a volunteer team of leaders
  • Ability to set deadlines, agendas, and oversee processes
  • Desire to establish and maintain high standard of excellence in all areas of the kids ministry experience
  • Vision for creating exceptional weekend worship and learning experiences for kids
  • Communication skills when working with kids and parents
  • Positive outlook for the future of Kids ministry
  • Skills and desire to leverage technology as part of the path to connecting with kids (audio, video, social media, etc)

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Part Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

One Hope Church

Contact Name & Contact Info

(407) 583-7550





City, State

Orlando, FL

Description of Organization

One Hope is a church for the city, nations and generations. We want to see people put their hope in Jesus Christ. We exist to make, multiply and mature disciples who follow Jesus, are being changed by Jesus and are committed to the mission of Jesus.

We are located in East Orlando and meet at Jay Blanchard YMCA on Sundays at 10am.

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