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High School Instructor

Job Description:

This part-time position (employee status, not self-employed) involves teaching high school students in grades 9 -12. Depending on the subject, our faculty teach one or two times each week, for one hour, fifteen minutes each class period (math classes are one hour each, three times per week). Expected preparation time outside of teaching will be two hours for each teaching hour (not usually applicable the first year). Courses meet for 32 weeks and pay a base rate of $2,700/$5,400/$6,000 for the year for classes meeting 1x/2x/3x each week (additional pay if the class is more than eight students).

Expected class openings for 2022-2023 include Literature/History, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry and Logic/Writing. Additional openings may occur as we receive commitments from teachers for the 2022-2023 academic year starting in January of 2022. Inquire with Greyfriars for an updated list of teaching opportunities.

Position Qualifications:

A bachelor’s degree or higher is typically required, although it is not always necessary for the degree to be in the same subject area that would be taught. State teaching certification is not required. Greyfriars teachers must be knowledgeable in the subject to be taught, skilled in teaching others and sincere Christians who walk daily with the Lord in sincerity and truth. Further, teachers must demonstrate that they will care deeply about their students.

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Part Time

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Greyfriars Classical Academy

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(704) 315-5774




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Matthews, NC

Description of Organization

Greyfriars is a Christian high school (grades 9-12) in Matthews, NC, that is structured like a college and offers students the flexibility of both full-time and part-time (homeschool) enrollment options. Greyfriars offers classes in a university-style format (three days a week on campus; two days a week working at home). Our experienced faculty members provide university-quality instruction in which the grammar (fundamental facts and rules), logic (ordered relationships), and rhetoric (expression of ideas in speech and writing) of each subject is emphasized from a decidedly biblical worldview. The high school curriculum is academically rigorous and consistent with North Carolina standards and college preparatory requirements.

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