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Job Title:

Executive Director

Job Description:

The Executive Director of Outreach North America is the chief executive officer. He reports to the Chairman of the Board of Outreach North America, a board of the General Synod of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. He is to be a resource person to General Synod, presbyteries, and congregations of the denomination. He will present a written report at each regular Board meeting, and will bring to the Board informative and innovative ideas that will enable the Board to explore new directions for its work. By direction of the General Synod, he will also serve on Synod’s Committee on the Minister and His Work.

Duties and Responsibilities:

There are five strategic areas for which the Executive Director is responsible.  They are Evangelism, Church Planting, Church Vitality, National Development and Administration.

  1. Evangelism:
  • To be a stimulus for evangelism as a primary activity for all congregations.
  • To provide training, literature and other resources as may be required to enable congregations to be effective in evangelism.
  • To develop a means for measuring the effectiveness of evangelism in congregations, both qualitatively and quantitatively.
  • To encourage the involvement of all groups, e.g. pastors, seminary students, youth, lay men and women in evangelism.
  • To support and encourage inter-cultural evangelism notably in parishes that are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, and/or multi-religious.
  1. Church Planting:
  • To be a stimulus for church planting throughout the denomination.
  • To develop a denominational church planting strategy.
  • To encourage congregations to engage in church planting by establishing mother-daughter congregations; by praying for and supporting the church planting activities of others; and by actively engaging in the encouragement and support of church planters and their families.
  • To help presbyteries develop an awareness of and responsibility for church planting and to provide support, resources and encouragement to the presbyteries.
  • To earnestly pursue the recruitment of church planters and to provide for their screening, training/equipping, and coaching/mentoring.
  1. Church Vitality:
  • To be a stimulus for church vitality throughout the denomination.
  • To develop a strategy for denominational church vitality.
  • To work with presbyteries in developing plans to implement the strategy.
  • To provide assistance to declining or reclining congregations and to urge thriving congregations to achieve higher levels of success: vision-casting, exploring possibilities, and developing excitement and enthusiasm.
  • To provide training for pastors and church leaders and provide resources to aid congregations in church vitality.
  1. National Development:
  • To aid in developing a national expansion strategy for the denomination.
  • To respond to inquiries from individuals and congregations that express an interest in the denomination.
  • To encourage the development of a warm and welcoming image for the denomination.
  • To initiate advertising to “market” the denomination nationally.
  1. Administration:
  • To establish an effective and efficient base of operations for Outreach North America (ONA) in order to carry out the policies, communicate the purposes and goals, and oversee the ongoing business of the Board and its committees.
  • To recruit and train such other officers/employees as may be necessary to accomplish the duties and responsibilities of the Executive Director.
  • To maintain an effective communications system for ONA. This includes communicating with presbyteries about the challenges, needs, programs, plans, resources, and directions of the work of church extension, counseling with presbytery committees, pastors, church planters, sessions, and other groups concerning the work of church extension, and working with other boards, agencies and institutions of our own and other denominations to develop mutual programs of ministry that will further God’s work through the ARP Church.
  • To represent the Board in cooperative agreements between presbyteries and the Board.
  • To manage the finances of ONA.
  • To report to the Chairman of the Board of ONA on all matters that the Board deems necessary and to work independently on all other matters.

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Full Time

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General Information

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Outreach North America

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(864) 232-8297




Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church (ARP)

City, State

Greenville, SC

Description of Organization

As the home missions agency of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, Outreach North America is committed to spreading the Word of God by helping plant and support mission congregations across the nation.

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