General Information

Job Title:

Director of Worship

Job Description:

Purpose:  To lead, assist in planning, and give direction to the worship experience at Lake Baldwin Church through Music and Arts in a professional, creative manner that nurtures the believing and seeking community as they gather in worship and grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ; to provide leadership development for the music volunteers; to facilitate the transition to new worship space, and oversee our A/V set-up teams and volunteers.

Ministry setting:  Lake Baldwin Church is a young, growing church of 350-400 located near the heart of Orlando.  With a central location in Baldwin Park, the church draws from the surrounding areas near downtown Orlando, along the I-4 corridor (Winter Park, Maitland, Longwood), east Orlando (including UCF), and other areas.  We are connected to the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA).

Worship style:  Creative, applicable to the culture of LBC and stylistically in line with the planned services and worship design on a weekly basis….rich, thoughtful, gospel-centered worship that blends the modern and the traditional.

Worship Philosophy: Worship is a central means of grace for Christ’s people, and it plays an integral role in our church’s mission to Connect, Grow, and Love.  We CONNECT to Jesus and his family in worship, we GROW in our faith as we sing to, hear from, and enjoy the presence of God in worship, and we are sent out from our worship to LOVE others as we have been loved.    

  • Liturgical: Worship is not simply expressive; it is formative for Christian discipleship and growth. Christian liturgy counteracts the secular liturgies we engage in on a daily basis.  Liturgical doesn’t mean “stale”, “quiet”, “emotionless”, or “inflexible.”  Rather, it refers to the intentional ordering of the service to provide opportunities for God’s people to experience the joy of His presence, to honor the beauty of his glory, and to be shaped by the power of his Word and Grace.
  • Accessible: Worship involves congregational participation. That means song choices and musical styles, as well as the language of the liturgy need to be accessible enough to encourage this.  It also means that while contextualization never trumps the truth of the scriptures, contextualization is important to bringing the truth to bear, and should be taken into account when crafting a worship service.
  • Truthful: Worship that honors God tells the truth – about Him and about us.
  • Missional: Christian worship should be engaging to the onlooker.  Seeing the people of God express heart-felt devotion in worship to God is a witness to the beauty of God. In addition, the Christian worship service does not end with a dismissal; it ends with a benediction and a charge. 
  • Beautiful:  Aesthetics do matter – not only because bad art is a distraction, but also because God loves the arts.  While artistic excellence should never become an idol, it should be pursued diligently, for the glory of God and the edification of his church. 
  • Emotional: Emotions are part of being human. As the book of Psalms contains the whole spectrum of human emotion, so the worship service should be a space to process that full range.  Praise should feel like praise.  Laments should feel like laments. Thanksgiving should feel like heart-felt gratitude.
  • Flexible:  Within a liturgical framework, there is room for variation. For example, the style of music, the expression of confession, the form of the prayers, can and should be varied based on cultural moment, congregational needs, themes of the service, etc.
  • Cohesive: While the average person may not always be able to pick up on the intentional flow of the service, a lack of flow can be a distraction.  Having songs and prayers that connect to the day’s teaching can help bury the seed of God’s truth deeper into our hearts and minds. 

Core Responsibilities:

  1. Under the oversight of the pastors, plan and execute all weekend services.
  2. Recruit, identify, audition and select musical and A/V talent from within the church and outside the church as needed for worship service involvement. Enlisting artistic persons from within the LBC membership, identifying their talents and plugging them into places of opportunity for using their abilities is a priority requirement.
  3. To act as a Team Leader for arts involved persons at LBC and to nurture the spiritual development of musicians and artists.
  4. Develop and encourage the worship leadership of volunteers with appropriate gifts. Develop a system of shared song/vocal leadership.
  5. Participate in staff meetings and leadership meetings so that the worship ministry is integrated with the vision of the church.
  6. Participate in (and help lead) various LBC projects and outreach events in the community.

Reports To:

Senior and Associate Pastors.  The Director of Worship and Operations will have much freedom to lead in his areas as he sees fit, within the oversight and performance review of the pastors and elders.

Personal and professional development

  1. Participates in the leadership development process for staff at Lake Baldwin Church
  2. Embrace personal and professional growth
  3. Learn from other churches and periodic conferences


This position can be full-time or part-time depending on the candidate. Pay is commensurate with comparable positions in other like-minded churches in our city.  


For more info contact: If you have any media or recordings you wish to share, please include with your application.

Position Qualifications:


  1. Growing relationship with Jesus Christ
  2. Strong character: Hungry – possesses a “can do” attitude; Humble – is willing to check ego at the door; and Healthy (Relationally)- is willing to work out issues with staff if/when they arise.
  3. Advanced Musical skill Level: must be proficient in guitar and/or piano performance, arrangement, etc. Must also have outstanding rehearsal technique and be able to give direction to musicians and other artists in rehearsal, preparation and during worship services with a Christ-like attitude and spirit.
  4. Able to engage the congregation and lead people to the throne of grace
  5. Can work well in a team environment; a team player
  6. Able to build and lead a worship team
  7. Understands programming and production so as to oversee worship planning and the use of music, media, and the arts
  8. Possesses logistical and systems skills to be able to oversee multiple teams and projects

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Full Time

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General Information

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Lake Baldwin Church

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(407) 802-7100




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

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Orlando, FL

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Lake Baldwin Church (PCA) is a growing church of 350 near the heart of Orlando. To learn more, visit our website at

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