General Information

Job Title:

Director of Music Ministry

Job Description:

We are looking for someone to serve as pianist and administrator — averaging 15
hours per week — who will oversee our entire worship ministry (services, musicians, logistics, etc), and
lead us beyond where we are. Certain times of the year would be less hours (10/wk) and others would be
more (20/wk). This position has great flexibility (Sundays away, missing a morning or evening service,
etc) — we have others who can lead on guitar.
This individual will oversee the music ministry, including its administration and background work:
attending regular meetings with church staff, recruiting and scheduling musicians, running rehearsals,
overseeing special services, etc. We have two other part-time administrators who would be available to
help; we work collaboratively as a staff.
We are seeking an accomplished pianist who can read music and also play by ear with the goal of
expanding our diversity of musical genres (classical, hymns, blues/gospel, latino, etc) as well as integrating
multicultural/global dimensions in our service — utilizing many of the gifted musicians in our
congregation. There are possibilities for a seasonal adult/children’s choir in our future as well.

Position Qualifications:

Vision: work with staff to expand the congregation’s understanding and scope for congregational,
musical worship — young and old.
– Team development and delegation: we are not looking for a “one person show” but one who raises up
other leaders and enjoys working with and building teams.
– Administration: work with over 15 musicians and potentially, many more. Managing Planning Center
Software, schedules — creating processes and structures are a must.
-Musicianship: accomplished piano skills, music reading, and playing by ear. Thorough understanding of
music theory and the ability to teach others using “layman’s terms.”
-Leadership: strong ability to lead people in congregational singing, exemplified by confidence in leader’s
own singing, consistent awareness, sensitivity to the congregation and flow of the service, and clear

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Job Type:

Part Time

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General Information

Church/Organization Name

The River Anglican Church

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(540) 217-3210




Anglican - Other

City, State

Blacksburg, VA

Description of Organization

The River is a church of approximately 225 children, youth and adults who meet in
two weekly gatherings -- Sunday morning and evening. Approximately half of our constituents are under
40 years old. The worship is a blend of contemporary and traditional music, primarily led on acoustic
guitar with vocalists and instrumentalists (generally bass, drums and electric guitar). Our morning service
is more traditional (with liturgy) and our evening, more informal and contemporary.

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