General Information

Job Title:

Director of Music Ministry

Job Description:

Time Required:  Approximately 15-20 hours a week, including…

  • Sunday morning setup, band rehearsal, leading 10am worship service, and tear down
  • Worship planning
  • Researching/selecting music, communicating w/ band, etc
  • Shepherding music ministry team members
  • Administrative tasks
  • Long-range planning
  • Personal rehearsal time

Duties and Responsibilities:

Including, but not limited to…

  • Collaborate weekly with the Rector and music ministry team to plan Christ-centered worship services that are biblically faithful, thematically coherent, and flow well
  • Meet w/ the Rector bi-weekly to set and discuss week-to-week priorities and long-range plans
  • Lead and coordinate all musical aspects of weekly worship services
  • Ensure the music ministry team is sufficiently prepared on a weekly basis to lead Sunday worship
    • lead a weekly band rehearsal on Sundays mornings
  • Schedule, plan, and lead monthly band practice at a time other than Sunday morning, which may include the introduction of new songs
  • Work weekly with the A/V and Tech teams to prepare audio and visual elements of worship
  • Evaluate, develop, and mentor, music ministry members and special music guests
  • Actively recruit potential music ministry team members on an ongoing basis
  • Be a “learner,” continually acquainting yourself with a broad range of worship music that can and will be incorporated into corporate worship
    • finding music that is theologically sound, suitable for congregational singing, and fitting to our context
  • Take ownership of the look and functionality of the sanctuary platform
    • ensure platform is clean, in order, equipment is properly stored, etc on a week-to-week basis
  • Manage all administrative responsibilities related to the music ministry, such as…
    • scheduling team members
    • updating Planning Center
    • maintaining an electronic database of the music that is sung in our worship services
    • managing music ministry budget
    • keeping musical and sound equipment operational and in good condition
  • Be available to lead and/or assist musically/vocally at special worship services and church gatherings
    • such as Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday services
  • Meet with the Rector twice a year for a job performance review

Position Qualifications:


  • The primary function of the Director of Music Ministry is to foster a ministry of excellence and authenticity that glorifies Jesus Christ and inspires people to engage at a deep level of intimacy and devotion in their relationship with Him.
  • This includes drawing believers closer to God through their participation in corporate worship, providing a taste of God’s character and grace for unbelievers, and complementing the teaching of God’s Word to provide a seamless and purposeful worship experience. It also includes building, leading, and shepherding members of the music ministry (approximately 20 people).


  • Supervised by, and reports to the Rector
  • Works cooperatively with the church staff and vestry
  • Leads the music ministry team
  • Adheres to the overarching mission, vision, and direction of Church of the Apostles


  • Christian who is actively growing in his/her relationship w/ Jesus Christ
  • High level of musical ability (both vocally and instrumentally)
  • Gifted as “a leader of leaders,” giving vision and direction to the music ministry team
  • Passion to lead others in corporate worship
  • Personable Leader
  • Humble, teachable, and servant heart
  • Committed to praying for Church of the Apostles, and the music ministry
  • Actively involved in the overall life of Church of the Apostles
  • In agreement w/ the ACNA and Church of the Apostles faith statement and position statements
  • Supportive of Church of the Apostles leadership (team-oriented)

Application Deadline

Job Type:

Part Time

Salary Range:


General Information

Church/Organization Name

Church of the Apostles - Fairfax, VA

Contact Name & Contact Info

(703) 591-1974




Anglican - Other

City, State

Fairfax, VA

Description of Organization

We are a Bible-based church with a strong love for Jesus Christ, and a long history of supporting global mission work. Our denomination (the Anglican Church in North America) is committed to upholding the sanctity of all human life, and a biblical understanding of gender, sexuality, marriage, and family.

We are a "three streams" church, meaning we are Evangelical (believe and teach the Bible, with an emphasis on following Jesus Christ as Lord), Charismatic (we seek the presence and power of the living God in our worship and daily lives), and Sacramental (liturgy guides our worship, and we celebrate Communion weekly).

We also strive to respect, love, and serve all people in our community, regardless of what they believe, with the hope that all might personally encounter the amazing love of God in the person of Jesus Christ.

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