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Associate Pastor

Job Description:

As the Lord is pleased to give increase to Providence, the session of the church remains in discussion and prayer about immediate and longer-term needs of the church and how best to provide pastoral ministry to a growing congregation. Longer-term the summary growth direction of the church is one of planting new churches.

Providence is focused on preaching that is Christ-centered, reformed and expository in nature.  Currently, the ministry of the teaching elder functions part-time in the church (currently has other campus ministry responsibilities outside the church) as Senior Pastor and Pastor of Preaching. He is focused primarily on preaching and teaching of the Word in the church. The full-time Associate Pastor will primarily focus on ministry and shepherding, sharing this with the ruling elders. He will occasionally preach.

Lord willing, the church will continue this team model. As the church grows the session will reevaluate how to care for the church.

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Position Qualifications:

1. Qualified to receive a call as a Teaching Elder in the PCA.

  • a seminary degree and to be ordained or be ordainable in the Presbyterian Church in America;
  • a thorough knowledge of, and commitment to, Reformed Theology and Presbyterian Government and practice;
  • a demonstrated ability to preach and teach the Bible, lead worship, and enjoy working with a variety of people;

2. Philosophy of ministry clearly reflects a reformed world and life view, is built on prayer and the ministry of the Word (to include expository preaching), and is grace oriented.

3. Experience in pastoral ministry or Christian ministry is preferred

  • good listening and communication skills
  • the ability to train, encourage and equip others
  • the ability to lead ministries.

4. Exercise hospitality with members and outside the church to build relationships for gospel ministry, spend time with the families of the church outside of regular services, events and ministry times

  • When possible, they should use their home for hospitality.
  • They should also look for ways to bring new people into the church and be a gospel witness to their neighbors and friends.

5. The Associate Pastor should have a healthy understanding of ministry as part of a team with an accompanying respect for one’s role within an organization.

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Full Time

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General Information

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Providence Presbyterian Church

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(215) 536-2881




Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)

City, State

Qukertown, PA

Description of Organization

Providence PCA Church, in Milford Township, Quakertown, Pa, is located 45 miles north of Philadelphia. Over the last 5 years the church has grown 20% in communicant members.  With an average worship attendance of 154, Providence seeks to “grow a family to reach a community”.  Please visit our website for more information:

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