• All video production requests need to be submitted using the online form.
  • To better serve and assist campus needs, and AFTER receiving approval from the Communications office following an online submission, campuses will have the opportunity to contract outside videographers to obtain video roll for project requests. This need will be based on the availability of Matt McQuade’s, Director of Visual Media, travel and production schedule. To obtain approval of an outside videographer, please complete this online request form.
  • Production of all video projects will remain in-house and be completed by the Director of Visual Media. Video produced outside the Office of Communications’ approval will not be considered official RTS content and subject to restrictions or removal from official RTS platforms.
  • For the 2020-2021 fiscal year (and subsequent years to follow), early submissions of video requests will receive priority in scheduling and availability of travel and project completion from the Director of Visual Media.
  • View the official Video Policy and Procedures here.

In 2018, we stopped publishing things like reminders and event details as news items. Examples of news-worthy items include:

  • Faculty and staff appointments/significant changes
  • New programs, institutes, centers
  • Campus name changes
  • Faculty and staff publications
  • Scholarships

Create your post in Buffer and assign it to the institutional account. A member of our team will see it in drafts and determine whether we will publish it.

In Fall 2020, we released an updated version of the institutional style guide. It may be found in this folder, along with logos, for your reference and use.

Below are the approved guidelines for producing several kinds of materials for external use. You can use this information to assess the ways by which you would produce promotional/marketing pieces in the future.

Institutional Creation Required – Contact the appropriate department to begin process of resource creation:

  1. Admissions, Academic or Development literature advertising campuses and academic programs (anything used long term and/or would be placed prominently on an exhibit table)
  2. Artwork/photography to be used on the RTS website

Campus Design Permissible [utilizing communications-provided templates if applicable] with Institutional Department Approval – Provide non templated pieces to appropriate department for either copy or design approval:

  1. Ephemeral admissions materials (e.g. dated material like a preview day postcard)
  2. Templates used for promotion of courses or events on campus-level social media channels
  3. Event invitation for fundraising/development dinner
  4. Official PDF or print forms that will be used with donors, prospective students, or other external constituents.

Campus Design Discretion [no approval needed but must adhere to Style Guide standards]:

  1. Commencement booklet
  2. Internal handouts for current students
  3. Artwork/photography utilized RTS campus social media channels