Financial Resources

Cost of Seminary Housing: RTS Jackson offers affordable housing whether you’re single, married, or married with kids. Seminary housing not only reduces your cost of living, but puts you in fellowship with other students.

Local Job Listings: Most students work part-time jobs while in school. Begin your job search here and be sure to network with the Admissions office. See more ideas for part-time jobs in the Jackson area below.

Building a Personal Support Network: It’s not uncommon for students to raise support during their time at seminary. If you’re considering raising support, this document might help.

Jackson-Specific Financial Aid Options

Most financial aid options are available institutionally. However, we are pleased to offer a few additional options that are only available for RTS Jackson students.

  • GI Replacement Grant
    • The Jackson campus is not able to accept the GI Bill or Post 9/11 benefits, but we are very grateful for the service of our veterans. In lieu of the government benefits, RTS Jackson offers the GI Replacement Grant which covers up to 100% of the cost of tuition. Simply provide documentation of the funds you would be receiving from the federal government along with your financial aid application.
    • Up to 100% tuition awards
  • International Student Awards


RTS Jackson has a number of part-time on-campus jobs for current students. To inquire about on-campus work, first, you must be admitted as a student. Once admitted, you may contact Jim Scott to learn about job availability.

Jackson and the surrounding community boast a wide variety of different kinds of employment. Local employers frequently contact RTS looking for part-time employees because of our long-standing presence in the community. Students work at UPS, Starbucks, local restaurants, as RDs at Belhaven University and Mississippi College, and of course in the many churches in the area. Ministry internships abound in the local churches, and students serve in a wide variety of areas: Christian Education, Discipleship, Missions, Visitation, Youth, College Ministry, and Pulpit Supply. For a listing of current local jobs, click here.

Debt & Loans

Not many students decide to take out loans for their seminary education, and we don’t typically recommend it. Since the White House federalized student loans in March 2010 and RTS does not accept federal funding, the only remaining opportunity for loans would be private loans secured through a local bank.

If you have outstanding educational debt from your undergraduate degree or are considering using private loans to pay for seminary, here is a helpful handout that outlines what to expect financially as you work through paying off that debt after graduation.