Welcome to RTS Houston!  We are so thankful that you have visited our website.  I would encourage you to take some time to explore all the information this site has to offer.  But let me first share my heart with you as it relates to seminary study.  If God is calling you to a lifetime of ministry, the seminary where you will be trained is of the utmost importance.  Indeed the Apostle Paul calls us to be workers who rightly divide the word of truth.  At RTS Houston our goal is to train future pastors, ministry leaders, and laymen to love the word of God and the God of the word!  Here a few highlights of what RTS Houston has to offer:

Who?  At its most fundamental level, a seminary is its professors.  At RTS Houston you will receive classroom instruction from top Pastor-Theologians and Biblical Scholars from the whole RTS system.  Moreover, you will be taught and guided by several local pastor-scholars with decades of experience in pastoral ministry!

What?  What forms the basis and the foundation of our curriculum?  The inerrant, infallible, and authoritative Word of God!  The Scriptures are central to all that we do at RTS Houston.  From Systematic Theology to Counseling to Preaching, the lifeblood of our instruction is God’s word.  Furthermore, RTS Houston (along with all the RTS campuses) stands in the stream of Reformed Theology as summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms.  As the 16th c. Reformation was a recovery of the gospel, it is that gospel that shapes our curriculum.

Where?  RTS Houston meets on the beautiful campus of Christ Presbyterian Church, CPC (CPC).  CPC has graciously hosted RTS Houston for the past seven years.  Conveniently located off Wirt Rd. near the I-10 and 610 interchange, CPC and RTS Houston are a reasonable drive from anywhere in the city.  It is a wonderful location to grown in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ!

When?  Because many of our students work full-time, most of our classes are offered either as night classes or weekend intensive classes.  Please check the ‘classes’ link for a list of current and future course offerings.

Why?  The most important question is ‘Why’?  Why do we do what we do?  Why is theological education important to us.  First, theological education is important to RTS Houston because God is important to RTS Houston.  All that we do – from every class to every lunch to every personal meeting – is ultimately for the glory of God.  Indeed our chief end is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  Second, theological education is important to us because the local church is important to us.  We see ourselves as a servant to the local church.  God carries out his grand purposes in this world through the local church; and he has gifted the church with servant-leaders to guide and shepherd his bride.  And those leaders must be well-versed in God’s life-giving truth.  Therefore third, theological education is important to us because God’s word is important to us.  His word is truth and life!  Leaders of Christ’s church must be equipped to properly wield the sword of the word of God!  At RTS Houston your love of God’s word will be fostered and you will be equipped with tools to rightly interpret, teach, and proclaim it.

For more information, please come and visit us or simply give us a call.

With a Mind for Truth and a Heart for God,

Markus J. Berger

Campus Administrator