Deciding When to Apply

Persons seeking admission should apply no earlier than one year or no later than one month before the semester they expect to enter.  All new applicants may enter at one of four times per year

June (Summer Term)

August (Fall Semester)

January (Winter Term)

February (Spring Semester

If you are interested in receiving financial aid, you will need to be admitted to RTS prior to applying for financial aid. Financial aid applications go to review March 15, May 15, July 15, and December 1.

Completing Your Online Application

Your application form will help you manage your application fee, your photo, your essays, and your references.  The essay questions will not only provide the Admissions Committee with important information about you as a prospective student, but will also demonstrate your writing ability.


Submitting Additional Materials


Reformed Theological Seminary requires references from your pastor and a friend.  If you are using the online application, you will manage the distribution of these electronically and the completed forms will be submitted to the seminary automatically.  If you are using the printed application, you will need to send the appropriate reference form to each reference, and then they will need to return the completed form directly to the Admissions office.

The Admissions office for our campus in Jackson, MS is temporarily handling applications for the Dallas campus.

Academic Transcripts

Please request an official transcript from each college or university where you completed 6 or more semester hours (even if posted on subsequent transcripts). You should specifically request that the transcripts be sent directly to the Admissions office. Remember you must make this request.

Additional Requirements

The Admissions Committee will examine the credentials submitted to determine each applicant’s suitability for admission.  Admission may be granted on the basis of these credentials alone, or the committee may also require additional requirements.