Financial Resources

Local Job Listings: Most students work part-time jobs while in school.  Begin your job search here and be sure to network with the Admissions office. See more ideas for part-time jobs in the Charlotte area below.

Charlotte-Specific Financial Aid Options

Most financial aid options are available institutionally. However, we are pleased to offer a few additional options that are only available for RTS Charlotte students.

Glenwood Church ARP Student Scholarship

  • This scholarship is awarded to full-time MDiv students who are involved with the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.  There is a limited number of these full-tuition scholarships available each year.
    The scholarship is funded by a contribution from the sale of the land and property of Glenwood ARP Church, and its vision is to continue the Glenwood legacy through partnering with RTS Charlotte to help prepare the next generation of church leaders in the ARP.
  • 100% tuition awards for MDiv students in the ARP
  • To learn more about this scholarship, contact the RTS Charlotte Admissions office

Center for Church Planting Scholarship

  • The Center for Church Planting is pleased to announce a new 2/3 scholarship for future church planters who are pursuing a Master of Divinity degree full-time at RTS Charlotte. Students must be enrolled in the Church Planting degree emphasis and serve as an intern in a church plant.
  • To apply, students must fill out the Center for Church Planting Scholarship Application in addition to the regular Financial Aid Application. The deadline for applications is March 15.
  • For more information, contact Dave Latham in Admissions.

Providence House Scholarship

  • The Providence House Scholarship aids full-time RTS Charlotte Master of Divinity students who demonstrate promise for pulpit ministry and who have a desire to serve as a pastor in a local church. This generous award is designed for students entering the second year of the MDiv program. Normally, applicants are enrolled full-time in the Master of Divinity program, and both American and international students are eligible. To apply for this competitive scholarship, students must fill out the Providence House Scholarship Application. The deadline for applications is March 15. If awarded, this scholarship would replace any other existing aid from RTS.
  • Learn more about the Providence House Scholarship.
  • For more information, contact Dave Latham in Admissions.

Debt & Loans

Not many students decide to take out loans for their seminary education, and we don’t typically recommend it. Since the White House federalized student loans in March 2010 and RTS does not accept federal funding, the only remaining opportunity for loans would be private loans secured through a local bank.

If you have outstanding educational debt from your undergraduate degree or are considering using private loans to pay for seminary, here is a helpful handout that outlines what to expect financially as you work through paying off that debt after graduation.